What is a f0n3b0y? – Part One

In 1994 Mark VandeVere made the decision to move from the world of academic publishing to the telecommunications industry. His first role was as a sales associate with a large global carrier, marketing switched voice and data (56K/64K) circuits.

5 months later, the transition was made to a sizeable regional interconnect in NW Indiana. Over the next 5 years, Mr. VandeVere transitioned through sales, into design, project management, training and field engineering roles; learning the industry from the ground up. Always interested in a challenge, he worked with more experienced individuals to create designs and solutions which delivered high value voice and data integration in the days of channelized point to point T1 circuits as the primary method of site to site connectivity. Some of those solutions were deemed impossible by the manufacturers, but continued to deliver economic and workflow value to the clients.

As time and technology have transitioned, virtually all these solutions have become outdated and replaced by IP based solutions. Through that transition, Mr. VandeVere has always worked to keep current on the solutions environment that drives business value, while maintaining engineering skills in both core and underlying technologies.